March 27-28, 2017
Delta Hotels by Marriott Calgary Downtown, Calgary, AB

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Get the first look at the 6th Annual Modular Construction, Prefabrication, & Logistics 2017 agenda. Download the agenda and take a look inside to find out about the program's great workshops, interesting sessions, and top speakers!

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2015 Post Show Report

Attendees to the previous Summit reported a 93% satisfaction rate! Want to know what else your peers thought about the last summit, and what's in the works this year? Take a look at this post-show report.

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CEOs, Senior Engineers, and modular construction specialists representing top brands from the industry met at the last summit. Glance at this document to see who they are - because they'll likely be back this year!

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Top News Stories of 2017

There has been a lot of buzz within the oil & gas and modular construction industry so we’ve taken the liberty of rounding up the most relevant news stories of the past month in advance of the 6th Modular Construction & Prefabrication Canada Summit.

Your Take on the End of the Megaprojects Era

In conjunction with AVEVA ProCon, Oil & Gas IQ carried out a wide-ranging survey to professionals that have worked on oil and gas megaprojects in the recent past. The statistics we gathered make for both sobering reading, and form the epitaph for the Age of the Megaproject, including: Which commonal ...

Current Attendee List

Here is a list of job titles and companies who have already signed on so far to join us this March!

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Modular Optimization - A case study by Cofely Fabricom

OPTARA (Optimization of The Antwerp-Rotterdam-Amsterdam area) is a refining project worth approximately 700 million euro. The Antwerp refinery, TOTAL’s largest and Europe’s second largest refinery complex, required an upgrade to produce less heavy fuel oil and more diesel and gas oil with ultra-low sulfur content. Cofely Fabricom took up the...

Devon Canada: The Owner’s Perspective on Modular Implementation

There may be no one who understands the ins and outs of Modular Construction & Prefabrication like Martin Clutterbuck the Manager of Fabrication & Modularization at Devon Canada. Costs? Operations? Supply Chain? Martin addresses these issues and more in our exclusive video interview.

Analyze & Persist: Speaker Perspectives

We interviewed past summit speakers Anirudh Kumar - Construction Engineer & Project Manager - Swift Resources, Carmen Velasquez - Executive Director, Energy Programs, CABREE – University of Alberta, and Saeid Ghorban – Module Quality Assurance - Darya. They discuss thriving in a bad market, the most common challenges companies are...

Modular Construction from A to Z

Ross Harper, Module Consultant at Spectra Energy, walks us through the modular construction and prefabrication process, including the challenges that each phase and how they are addressed.

Enough Already! Preventing the Culture of “Project Change” in Modular Construction

Returning speaker Martin Clutterbuck, Manager of Fabrication and Modularization at Devon Energy, shared this presentation on change management which he gave at the last summit. It goes into the key change management principle, the Element Standards, and preventing the culture of project change.

Modular Construction Canada 2016 - Sponsorship Prospectus

Please fill out the form below to view your copy of the Sponsorship Prospectus. Alternatively, feel free to send your request to to receive it via email.

Economic Investment Report: Following the Capital Trail in Oil & Gas

The Oil & Gas industry is facing some challenging market conditions - but many see the word 'challenge' as a synonym for 'opportunity'. In advance of the 5th Anniversary summit, we have compiled the perspectives of some of the leading organizations in the industry to provide you with a 13-page...

Convening the Right Team for the Job

Returning speaker Saeid Ghorban, Module Quality Assurance at Darya, provides insight into excellence in collaboration in this presentation, which he shared at the previous summit. Saeid goes into win-win agreements, planning prior awarding, verification vs assumption, and more!

Three Biggest Challenges in Modular Construction (and how to overcome them)

Modular construction is a strategy that was originally conceptualized for the offshore oil industry to allow large amounts of fabrication work to be done onshore. Since that time, a lot of things have changed and modular strategies for onshore projects have evolved. At present, what would be considered the 3...

The Ideal Market Conditions for Implementing Modular Construction & Prefabrication Facilities

In this exclusive video interview, Mike Adel, Director-Supply Chain at Access Midstream, discusses the most ideal market conditions to drive the industry, how the recent economic downturn affected his company, navigating metrics to enable economic decision-making, and more!

FPMS a Proven Workforce Methodology - A case study by Cofely Fabricom

Cofely Fabricom utilizes a unique project management system FPMS (Fabricom Project Management System). FPMS is a proactive tool leveraged to achieve execution excellence. Based on 25 years of experience, FPMS is tailor-made for Cofely Fabricom and used to manage and steer its projects for the past two decades across the...

Sponsorship Highlight: Assessing Modular Design Through Collaboration

Sponsors and attendees of our Modular Construction & Prefabrication event share their opinions about the summit and their reasons for participating.

Making a Commitment to Modularization: Understanding its Long-Term Benefits

Risks such as available onsite labor, and extreme weather and environmental risks need to be considered when planning to modularize. Thomas Barter, Director Construction, Sealifts, Modularization, WorleyParsons discusses these issues and more in this exclusive interview.

Value Erosion: Designing for the Long Term

Returning speaker Mitch Voican, President of VMI Western Ltd, encouraged us to share this presentation on strategic planning, which he spoke on at the previous summit. The presentation goes into increasing final value, needed verifications for re-using modules, relocating and re-selling used modules, and more!

Oil, Gas & Geopolitics: Predictions For 2016

In the spirit of informed guestimation, we present you with ten predictions for the oil and gas and geopolitical landscape in 2016, and hope beyond hope that most are less prescient than they seem…

Building Blocks of Modular Success eBook

Find out the best practices for dealing with challenges, building a successful package, planning logistics, embracing the growing role modularization is playing in mining and oil & gas. That and much more is included within this 16-page ebook, contributed to by industry leaders and summit speakers from companies such as...

BEST PRACTICES: Maintaining Capacity for Existing/Operating Facilities

Anirudh Kumar, Construction Engineer, R3-Revamp Project at NOVA Chemicals Corporation, discusses that while market conditions are down – that doesn’t mean that work has ceased! There are projects moving forward – albeit focused on the maintenance of existing facilities as opposed to the construction of brand new facilities. And by...

Energy: Perspective and Outlook

Carmen Velasquez, Executive Director, Energy Programs at Centre for Applied Business Research in Energy and the Environment (CABREE) at the University of Alberta, presents on understanding the market – we stand to better understand the direction that the industry is bound to take, and therefore, how you can prepare yourself...

Engineering as a driver for module construction

Andy Mukherjee, Modules Contracts Management discusses K+S Potash investigates the idea of engineering as a driver of modular use and how innovation over the coming years will affect that change.