Tarpon Energy Services Ltd.

Tarpon Energy Services Ltd.

Tarpon Energy Services Ltd. is a leading supplier of electrical and instrumentation services, control systems and modular solutions. We provide a comprehensive range of services globally from design and engineering to project management, construction, commissioning and maintenance.

Our broad product and service offering enables us to deliver cost-effective, customized solutions to meet our clients’ requirements while maximizing value through precision and innovation. We have built a solid reputation for safety, quality, reliability and technical expertise that our clients have come to expect.

Tarpon’s Modular team executes a wide variety of modular solutions – from rigid frame enclosures to expansive E-houses with multiple splits; our team can customize any project to achieve each client’s unique specifications. We ensure our clients’ projects are completed safely and with unparalleled quality from the initial design through to delivery and commissioning.  Our modular Quality Management Systems are ISO 9001:2008 certified, ensuring client satisfaction worldwide.

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Website: http://www.tarponenergy.com